Three Company Division Formations in Thailand that Must Be Balanced


Starting a company is difficult because it has to go through many processes. However, after successfully pioneering the company, the next task as the owner of the company is monitoring and educating the work team. Many things play important factors in advance to the company. The following are three company formations that must be balanced.

1. Management

This division is very vital in an organization in the company. If you are a growing business, you need a management division to organize other divisions. In general, a manager’s job is to lead, plan, arrange, and supervise. These four tasks look easy, but it takes someone who can handle them.

You cannot arbitrarily decide who will be in this position and division. Generally, companies that have developed choose people who have experience in managing a company, such as someone with three to five years of experience.

2. Finance

In this division, all …

Fun and Time-Saving Tips for Celebrating Birthdays In Your 20s


Birthdays often relates to celebrations and parties, especially for those who are still in their teens. This special moment happens once a year, so everyone should enjoy it with great happiness.

It’s normal to do, considering that teenagers always love the crowd and everything related to the party. However, is this birthday celebration still the same in your 20s?

Everyone feels this kind of thing, even though they are still in their early 20s. There will always be many changes in life, including the mindset of financial and social conditions. It’s not impossible, in your 20s you already have a number of financial plans and also social problems, so it’s very reasonable if you start being careful in managing expenses.

The following are some fun and time-saving tips to celebrate a birthday:

1. Having a meal with family at home

Having dinner at home would be nice. You could enjoy …

How to Increase Brand Awareness


Over the last few decades, it has become easier and faster for young entrepreneurs to start a new business. The internet has made it possible to compete, advertise, and build a client base around the world without having years of experience. This is the case in many popular industries including marketing and retail. Even though in 2020, experience is not vital when creating a successful business, creating a strong brand is as vital as ever due to the increase in competition. Corporate events continue to be one of the best forms of marketing for new and established companies around the world. There are a wide variety of occasions suitable for creating a corporate event. 

Hiring a talented and professional corporate event planner will ensure your event is successful and your company reaches its goal. Organizing a corporate event is ideal when you’re looking to: 

  • Launch a new product 
  • Offer a new service to the public 
  • Strengthen staff and customer loyalty 
  • Reward existing

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