7 Tips for Choosing Children’s School Equipment to Complete the New School Year

Approaching the new school year, of course, children have the need for school equipment. Indeed, it doesn’t always have to be new, but there must be some equipment that you must prepare for your little one. New school equipment can also encourage children to enter school. The most important necessities are bags, shoes, uniforms and stationery. However, before buying, there are a few tips that you should know so you don’t buy children’s school necessities wrong. Here are 7 tips that you can take a peek at, Mom.

1. Choose the right size bag and function optimally

The first need of school children is a bag. There are several tips for choosing a child’s school bag. Unlike the bag when your child was in kindergarten, the size of the bag for children who are already in elementary school has several criteria. First, the size of the bag must match the needs of the items to be carried.

We recommend that you choose a backpack that has soft foam on the shoulders. So that children are not easily sore, especially blisters. Also choose a bag that has several zippered pockets for storing stationery. Usually backpacks also have side pockets that are useful for storing water bottles and umbrellas. So, with this bag children can carry their school needs efficiently and reduce tidiness when going to school.

2. Choose children’s shoes that are comfortable and the size is not mediocre

The next important school necessity for children is shoes. The choice of shoes should be careful because the shoes will be used daily by children. For school shoes, you should choose comfortable sneakers. Choose shoes with soft soles and still make the child comfortable even though they are worn all day.

For children who still have difficulty tying shoelaces, you can choose sneakers that are easier to use in strap styles. In addition, for shoe sizes, don’t choose a mediocre size because children’s feet are usually still growing rapidly. You can add 1 number and also don’t be too loose. Following the rules for wearing shoes in school will also teach children discipline and obeying the rules. If your little one has a favorite shoe that is not suitable for school, it can be used when traveling or out with family.

3. Meet the needs of school stationery that are definitely used

Children’s school stationery usually consists of pencils, erasers, sharpener, notebooks, pencil cases, crayons, drawing books, and rulers. There are also some additions according to school needs that must be met. Before shopping, you can record which stationery to buy new and which ones can still be used again. Like for example colored pencils, if they are still in good condition and rarely used, your little one can use them again until they really need to replace them with new ones.

By getting used to buying stationery that you really need, you will also teach your little one not to be wasteful. In addition, stationery that can still be used is not wasted and can still be used again. Or you can keep buying but make stock when the old stationery has to be replaced. 

4. Cutlery can be adjusted according to your baby’s daily needs

At school, children should be accustomed to bringing supplies. Therefore, a lunch box or lunch box is one of the school supplies that must be considered. When children are still in kindergarten or early childhood education, their provision will be different from those of children who have entered elementary school. You can adjust the size of the lunch box according to your little one’s food needs.

For example, if your little one has to bring lunch and snacks, you can choose a multi-storey lunch box so that the lunch doesn’t mix.

5. Strappy drinking bottles are most suitable for school children

For drinking bottles, if you don’t want to put them in your bag, you can choose a laced drinking place that is easy to carry. Choose a drinking bottle size that is not too small or large. For the safest way to drink and not spill easily is a drinking bottle with a straw in it. You can prepare more than 1 drinking bottle so that children don’t get bored using it. Don’t forget to let your little one choose a drinking bottle motif with their favorite picture.

6. Make sure the number of children’s socks is not less

Another need that must be prepared before entering school is socks. If there are special color rules regarding socks, you should follow the existing rules. Prepare a number of socks for the week, so around 5-6 socks. Get your children into the habit of changing their socks every day so that the health and cleanliness of their feet are maintained.

7. Also provide an umbrella and raincoat to protect your little one

Apart from the need for stationery, bags and shoes, there are also needs outside of academics that still have to be prepared. Such as raincoats and umbrellas that your little one must have to protect children during the rainy season. This raincoat will protect children when it rains when going to and from school. While umbrellas are not only used when it rains, your little one can also use them when it is hot.

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