Reasons Why Many Small Businesses Fail


Starting a small business seems simple, but you need to know that it’s not easy. That’s why many small companies face failure in the middle of the road. Failure can indeed happen to anyone. Small businesses or large businesses can end up failing for various reasons.

There are common mistakes that cause small businesses to fail. Therefore, novice business people must be more careful in starting a business.

Well, here are some of the causes of small business failure.

Difficult Competition

Severe competition among small businesses is inevitable. You may have many competitors who have a product far superior to the product you have. Especially if your competitor is running a much better marketing strategy. It must be difficult for you to capture market share.

To capture market share, all you have to do is use the services of a business consultant from CQ Consulting. As one of Business Coach

How to Clean Wood Flooring


Hardwood floors must be cleaned regularly to avoid scratches or even warp. However, using a rough cleaning cloth can make lines on the wood floor or even damage the wood. General cleaning by using a dry mop is something that must be done regularly. In addition to that, it is better to clean the floor using warm water or a soft cleaning cloth. Here are some of the best ways to clean hardwood floors, such as Amber Tiles hardwood floors.

1. Fill the bucket with hot water, but not boiled water. Clean thoroughly, mopping the floor should be done every month or when the floor already looks dirty. Hot water is arguably the best way to clean wood floors. If done correctly, it won’t leave a scratch. This method will not damage the coating on the wooden floor because water is a mild and delicate cleaner.

2. Soak and

How to Increase Brand Awareness


Over the last few decades, it has become easier and faster for young entrepreneurs to start a new business. The internet has made it possible to compete, advertise, and build a client base around the world without having years of experience. This is the case in many popular industries including marketing and retail. Even though in 2020, experience is not vital when creating a successful business, creating a strong brand is as vital as ever due to the increase in competition. Corporate events continue to be one of the best forms of marketing for new and established companies around the world. There are a wide variety of occasions suitable for creating a corporate event. 

Hiring a talented and professional corporate event planner will ensure your event is successful and your company reaches its goal. Organizing a corporate event is ideal when you’re looking to: 

  • Launch a new product 
  • Offer a new service to the public 
  • Strengthen staff and customer loyalty 
  • Reward existing

Tips for instilling honesty in children from an early age


Honesty is one of the important values ​​of life to be taught to children as early as possible. Instilling honesty in children by teaching them to speak and behave in honest can be useful for their future lives.

There is a saying that honesty is a currency that applies everywhere. Therefore, it has become an obligation for parents to teach the values ​​of honesty since childhood, because children are easy to absorb the knowledge delivered compared to adults. If you want to know a school that instills character education including honesty, you can enroll children to attend school at St Andrews Dusit. Visit his website at

Here are some tips for instilling honesty in children from an early age.

1. Give an understanding about importance of being honest

Give understanding to children about the importance of being honest and why lying is not good and bad for yourself …

Honda X-ADV 2019: Latest Reviews & Specifications


Honda became one of the motorcycle manufacturers which had a great influence on the British economy. Therefore, they as automotive pillars in Europe also always give priority to the quality and quantity of each product they release. There are currently many dealers in the UK offering the latest Honda X-ADV products, one of which is wheels motorcycles leicester. At present, the Honda X-ADV was introduced at EICMA last year in Milan, Italy.

With stretchers that are quite classy specifications make it a product that continues to be sought after by many people. With the capital of a 745cc engine, this motorbike can show how to drive adrenaline for each rider. On the other hand, this motorcycle has also been equipped with a variety of advanced technology. And here is information about the specifications and prices of the latest Honda X-ADV that you can understand.


What is the meaning of Backloading in the Logistics World


When running land transportation or logistical services using trucks, the fuel factor can take a portion of 30-40% of the total operational costs. There are several ways to reduce high value logistics services of this transportation, namely by making efficient use of fuel, increasing truck utilization and optimizing maintenance costs.

Often, trucks only carry goods from the city of origin to the city of destination, but when returning from the city of destination to the city of origin, the truck does not carry cargo at all.

Of course, the cost of travel when returning to the city of origin will be borne by the company, unless the company has received an order or additional orders to bring other goods when returning to the city of origin. Unfortunately, this is still rare.

Backloading in the Logistics World

What is the meaning of the term backloading:

Backload is an activity that utilizes …

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