Easy Ways to Maintain a Watch Collection to Always Last


Although watches are included in the accessory category, they can be a valuable investment.

Watches are not only used to complement a dress style, but can also be used as a determinant of a person’s character and status. If you are someone who likes watches or collectors, you should take care of these assets. It would be very unfortunate if your collections are not durable due to improper maintenance. The following are easy ways to care for your watch collection so that it is always durable.

1. Store in a dry place

The first way to care for your watch is to place it in a dry place. Store the watch at room temperature, avoid the watch from too high and low temperatures, because excessive temperature will reduce the quality of your collection which will lead to reduced engine durability and the material of your watch. For extra security, you can also add silica gel to the storage box to avoid damp conditions.

2. Diligent Cleaning

The watch should also be cleaned regularly. Doing so is not as complicated as one might imagine. You can buy a special watch cleaning liquid to remove sweat marks or other dirt stuck to it. Use a soft cloth such as a cloth to clean the eyeglass lenses to rub it gently. But if you don’t have this special liquid, you can clean it with baby wipes and dry it with a dry soft cloth.

3. Keep away from magnetic fields

Maybe when you take off your watch, you subconsciously put it next to your cellphone, television, refrigerator, or microwave. You must be aware that placing your watch close to items that contain electromagnetic waves will affect the clockwise rotation, so that your watch becomes imprecise.

4. Wear according to the activity

Watches are fashion accessories. That is why there are so many models, because they are tailored to your needs. So that the watch is always in prime condition, do not use a stainless watch when exercising because sweat will cause rust, besides that when you exercise there is a big possibility that your hand will hit something which will leave scuff marks on your favorite watch. We recommend using a watch made of rubber because it is more resistant to impact and sweat. To make it even more durable, use the KoreTrak smartwatch. it’s been designed to be waterproof, the design is comfortable and fit, functions are fast and efficient, connectivity is easy. so use KoreTrak