La Yeguada Militar

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The first permanent stallions depot in Spain was created in 1834 in Cordoba.

The Yeguada Militar, which headquarters are in Jerez de la Frontera, created in 1847 the first registre of purebred Arabian . (the first one in the world)

It is the Minister of the armies that was controlling the breeding program of Yeguada Militar. 

During many generations, the goal of Yeguada Militar was first of all to produce good stallions for the Army.
The only interesting mares was the one producing good males. The other ones and usually their fillies were sold to private breeders.

The stallions stay at jerez de la Frontera
the mares, the males of less than 4 years old, the fillies of less than 3 years old, stay in one of the 3 farms of EL VICOS, near Jerez.. In Vicos were born many of the legendary stallions 

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