How to plan a Christmas party in your workplace

With the Christmas season blazing around us, there are a ton of activities one can carry out at their home, workplace, or fun centers. Christmas also remarkably happens at the end of each year, when the yearly appraisal is carried out and staff who have done well are rewarded. If you’re asked to plan a Christmas party at the office, what would you need to make the event a memorable one that would leave savor in people’s taste buds in the years to come? One of the things you would make plans for your Christmas gifts, everyone in the company would surely have their fair share of Christmas gifts. There are many companies to contact when you need to get corporate Christmas gifts for the company. If you need tips on how to organize Christmas gifts you can check online or go and make inquiries at gift stores around you.

Steps to planning an office Christmas party

To have an unforgettable party there are a few steps to take to ensure the party goes as planned.

Set a Budget

Before any event is planned, one of the things to put into driving consideration is the availability of funds to manage the event. Does the office have enough funds mapped out for the party? How much would be needed to cover each employee? Would everyone be given gifts during the party? Once those questions have been answered accordingly then organizers should itemize which would be feasible.

Conscript some staffs to help out

Planning a big event of that magnitude cannot and should not be done alone, since all other staff are stakeholders. Staff should volunteer to be part of the team or they should carefully be selected. Some qualities to look out for when selecting/recruiting people into the planning committee would be social skills, detailed-oriented. With the team responsibilities would be shared around, this would take the stress off one person.

Pick a location

For an office party, holding the party at the office would be enjoyable as people are already attuned to the office setting. So, choosing a location that is not the office is really important. Some of the affordable options for such parties could be a bowling alley, a comedy club, or it could be held in a house if the funds are not enough to rent a full-fledged venue. Who also says you can’t hold the party at the office, with the right decoration, the office could be transformed into a wonderland.

Choose a Theme

To make the party memorable that people would savor for a long while, create a theme. Themes make planning the party increasingly easier and make the employees excited as they anticipate. There are lots of Christmas party themes that could be adopted, a look online would provide some options.

Food and drinks

No party is complete without food and drinks. If you’re having problems picking out the menus. Then you can read food delivery companies’ reviews to decide the selection of Christmas party food and drinks. Some of the food and drink options for the season include Eggnog, cider, hot chocolate water, juice, and soda. If the company allows alcohol then, you can have a handful of them.

Choose a Dress code

A dress code for the party should be adopted, always something non-formal, such as t-shirts and jeans. Without giving a dress code, employees are thrown into the anxiety of overdressing or underdressing. So, it’s necessary to give out a dress code. Some athletic wear wouldn’t do bad.

Send invitations

After the location, themes and dress code may have been settled. Then comes the part of crafting invitations to build the hype. If the party is casual, a simple invitation will be ideal. Every invitation should have the following simple details such as recommended dress code, activities guests are expected to do. It’s also helpful to include the contact information of the person who planned the event.

Create a way to exchange gifts

One thing that crowns the party is the part where gifts are exchanged. During the Christmas season, two of the gift exchange games are Secret Santa and White Elephant. For the Secret Santa, each person has to buy a gift for a random co-worker whose name would be picked out of the hat. Playing this type of game will sure make the environment livelier, exciting, and competitive.

Photo Booth

A picture tells a thousand stories. A party is not complete without pictures being taken. It would be a wonderful opportunity to have a photo booth where pictures can be taken after the party proceedings may have ended. With a photo booth, attendants would have great shots, and this would help the employees’ bond well.


You cannot underestimate the power of good music, to commemorate the season, playing traditional Christmas songs could be great, a playlist of classic holiday tunes. Pop music would sure turn the atmosphere with sparks of liveliness. But for a relaxed atmosphere, it’s preferable to stick with softer genres like instrumentals and indies. Another interesting option would be a live band to add more glitz to the party.

Organizing a great Christmas party depends on quite a whole lot, and it could take a toll on the organizers, recruiting people to help out won’t harm but will overall increase the effectiveness of the organizing committee.