Maldives a Rainbow of Colors in the Sea

The Maldives is a playground for the active traveler where a world of adventurous possibilities is on offer to entertain visitors of all energy levels. From scuba diving to wind surfing you can take part in almost every imaginable water sport known to man when in Maldives. Surrounded by the captivating Indian Ocean, the Maldivian Islands are blessed with abundant tropical greenery which adds to its allure and charm. Many who visit Maldives expecting a relaxing holiday lounging around on the golden, sun kissed beaches enjoying a cocktail of local fresh fruit will have the opportunity to do exactly that and more. If you want to stay there Raffles overwater Villa Maldives can be made as your choice.

One of the most abundant coral reef habitats in the Maldives, Banana Reef gets its name due to the curious shape of the reef itself. A popular dive site for experienced and novice scuba divers alike, Banana Reef is situated to the south of the North Male Atoll. The reef itself is quite large and is populated by various kinds of colorful fish species, star fish, crabs and other underwater dwellers. The waters of this dive site are remarkably clear and afford brilliant views of the thriving world that exists hidden beneath the waves.

Once you gear yourself up and take the plunge in to the deep, you will be swept away by the striking color schemes that decorate the reef. As you look closer and examine between the corals, you will spot attractive bannerfish, moray eels and fusillers quite frequently. On a lucky day you might just get the chance to see the odd gray reef shark pass you by, or be greeted by a school of enthusiastic soldierfish on a mission to search for food. While admiring the splendor of Banana Reef, one should also be mindful that the strong currents are quite capable of dragging you well off course. So, you should be aware of where you are at all times and always dive with a partner to be on the safe side.

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