Preventing Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites cause not only itching on the skin but also have a high potential to bring various diseases. There are simple ways to prevent yourself from mosquito bites, especially the type of parasitic carrier of dangerous viruses. If you want to buy mosquito repellent products, you can buy it at Mozzi Gear.

Prevent mosquitoes from entering and surviving indoors

Mosquitoes that will enter the house or are already inside the house can be handled in specific ways, with or without chemicals. The following are choices you can use.

  • Using an effective fan to prevent mosquitoes
  • Using mosquito coils is effective enough to repel mosquitoes. However, the smoke from these mosquito coils turns out to contain several toxic substances that have the potential to cause health problems. The use of this drug should also be avoided if there are babies or children and people with asthma at home.
  • The anti-mosquito electric racket is also a mosquito repellent that is chemical-free and can be used indoors and outdoors. Keep this device out of the reach of children.
  • Mosquitoes breed in water, try to get rid of stagnant water near your home. Clean the objects that can make a puddle, such as buckets, used cans, and plastic waste once a week.
  • It is also important to keep grass and other plants around the home environment trimmed adequately. Install anti-mosquito gauze on doors and windows to prevent mosquitos entering the house.
  • You can also use candles that contain fragrances, as well as air fresheners. Some scents such as lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, and soy can help repel mosquitoes.

Protect the skin

Sometimes when in a particular place, such as a garden or traditional market or even at home, mosquito bites are inevitable. Even so, you can still work around this in simple ways.

  • Apply anti-mosquito lotion. Use anti-mosquito medication or cream according to instructions, especially when applying it to children.
  • Always close the car window if you are in some places at risk of being bitten by mosquitoes.