You get the same coating every time, no matter what. The color is more consistent, which might be preferable to some people. Many people feel that box-fed guns are easier to use. You can just load them up and walk away if you want to. With a hopper gun, you have to keep an eye on it or it will be empty. Some people also feel that box-fed guns are better for small items, because the lack of a hopper eliminates dead space where powder can settle and cake up.

When it comes to efficiency, most people feel that box-fed guns are more efficient than hopper guns. This is because you don’t have to wait for the powder to travel down a long tube before it gets to the gun.

Since powder is no longer being fed into the gun by gravity, the guns are less likely to clog. Also, you can control the exact amount of powder that comes out, which is great if you have a small item to coat or are working with very expensive material.

Cons of Box-Fed Powder Coating Guns

They are harder to load than hopper guns. They take more time to clean and maintain since there are more parts. Since you can’t “cheat” and put a little more powder in, you have to mix less material at a time.

As mentioned above, they are not as good for large parts or applications where the gun will be far from the hopper. The power cord may also present a tripping hazard depending on how it is set up. They are also more difficult to use with gloves on, which can make it harder to get the hang of your settings.

Despite the pros and cons of both types of powder coating guns, if you’re just starting out in powder coating it is probably best not to worry about them too much right away. It’s better to go ahead and purchase a hopper gun and get the hang of it before moving on to box-fed guns.

Although they are less common, box-fed guns may actually be cheaper in the long run because you will not need an additional hopper if you purchase a dedicated box-fed gun.

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