Should You Choose Polyethylene Bubble for your Industry?

Bubble Wrap Recycle

Bubble wrap is a protective film essential for professionals whether for shipment or a relocation. But, do you know that there are several models of bubble wrap and even several diameters of air bubbles? Thus, it is important to know how to choose the right size of bubble wrap for your finished products.

Does Bubble Wrap Recycle?

Nowadays, it is important for every company to prioritize environmental excellence. And this also concerns the packaging, including the bubble wrap. This latter is made from polyethylene and you are entitled to ask whether it recycles or not. In fact, everything depends on the sorting instructions of your municipality. Some will allow the recycling because it is technically possible to do it. But, others will prefer to continue cremating bubble wraps because the plastic is too thin (just like yoghurt pots) and requires too much resources for little recovered material.

How to Protect Products with Polyethylene Bubble Wrap?

It is very simple, to protect the items in polyethylene bubble, it is necessary to place the air bubbles directly against the products that need to be protected. These air bubbles will form a protective mattress that will dampen blows and shocks to keep its contents intact all the way. As you should have already understood, the smooth part must be put outside.

The Different Types of Polyethylene Bubble Wrap

Since the invention of the traditional bubble wrap that we all liked to break in childhood, other more specific models have emerged. But what are their characteristics and uses?

  • The raditional polyethylene bubble wrap which is used to protect all types of goods (light or heavy) during handling, transport and storage.
  • The anti-static polyethylene bubble wrap which is an anti-static treated model, perfect to transport electronic products safely (computer components, cameras, etc.)
  • Kraft-backed polyethylene bubble wrap which is specially designed to carry and store furniture and light sensitive objects. It protects your products, not only from blows but also from light. It is opaque so it ensures total discretion. Kraft-backed bubble wrap absorbs moisture and condensation. It is perfectly suitable for furniture storage or when moving.

Moreover, there are premium quality water blown flexible foams that companies can use for a large variety of industrial products. It is specially designed to protect delicate surfaces such as marquetry, canvas, glass, etc. It prevents the surface from being scratched. It is recommended for long-term storage as it marks less than conventional bubble wrap. But as you might already know, this very modern type of bubble wrap is the most expensive one. And of course, you are supposed to choose the right bubble film for your merchandises. The aim is to protect them efficiently, not necessarily to make a significant investment on the bubble wrap solution.