Some Options to Continue your Contribution to Nature after Death

Some Options to Continue your Contribution to Nature after Death

Mushroom Burial Suit

Did you know that yak mushrooms are not only food but also a eco-friendly burial materials? Mushroom burial suits are designed to suit pajamas from top to bottom with special mushroom spores. This special fungus will later destroy the body. Mushroom Burial suit is an alternative to absorb and neutralize toxins in the body. This process is known as mycoremediation. Later, this fungus will transfuse nutrients from the body through the fungus tissue to reach other plants. So through this process, you have done something positive and useful for nature.


This process is also known as water cremation or alkaline hydrolysis. In this process, the body is put in a stainless steel container that contains a liquid mixture of water as much as 95% and potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide by 5%. Then it is heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The body will slowly dissolve. This process is actually the same as a natural process that destroys the human body through conventional burial. However, Aquamation takes place faster only takes about 20 hours in a special container called the Aquamation pod. Whereas, conventional burials can take longer to months. At the end of this process, all that remains is the skull and a few other bone parts, which will then be crushed again into white powder. This powder will later be handed over to the family. Researchers claim that Aquamation emits a fifth of carbon dioxide gas from conventional cremation. Much more eco-friendly, right?

Green Burial

Green Burian looks like a funerary in general. However, this process does not use balms or chemical liquids. The grave hole was even dug manually and use no cement at all. This is intended so that the body can easily be decomposed naturally and return to the ground properly. Many green burial places are also equipped with green plants and animal shelters. Families can also choose what plants they will place next to the graves of their beloved family. Besides being environmentally friendly, the burial process is also arguably more economical compared to other processes.

Those are some environmentally friendly funeral options. Now, the burial process facilitates you to remain beneficial to nature until your last rest. You or your family can consult about what funeral is best for you in Academy Funeral Services, Sydney funeral companies. They are ready 24 hours to serve your needs.