The Benefits of Having a Pond or Lake

Lakes and ponds can make wonderful additions to any property. If you have the space and the resources, a large body of water creates an instant habitat for wildlife, and a great space for you and your family! Here are some benefits of digging a large pond or lake:

  1. Gives You a Place to Sit and Relax: Imagine lounging alongside your pond, feeling the cool breeze. Picture yourself enjoying a glass of lemonade while sitting on your dock and watching your fountain cast rainbows against the sky. There is a reason why people vacation at their favorite lake house! You could have one of in your own back yard.
  2. They Create a Wildlife Habitat: If you like nature and all the animals in it, you will appreciate the variety of wildlife at a lake or large pond can bring. Many animals gravitate toward water. Depending on where you live, you will see wild birds, waterfowl, raccoons, turtles, frogs, butterflies, dragonflies, and underwater life. These animals will settle in your pond and on your property, making it an entertaining ecosystem for your family and friends.
  3. It becomes your own fishing pond: If you are a fishing enthusiast, you probably would love fishing your own stocked pond. You can set up habitats for them, feed them and monitor their behavior. Rather than getting up before dawn and driving to a favorite fishing hole, you can pull on your waders and head out to your own fishing pond whenever you feel like it!
  4. They provide water fun for everyone: From paddle boating and swimming in the summer to ice skating and ice fishing in the winter, a pond or lake will be sure to cater to just about any outdoor adventure. But remember to always play safely, and make sure you always supervise children and have a life ring and rope nearby.
  5. They store water for farm animals, irrigation: A more practical benefit is that some property owners keep a pond to water their horses, sheep, goats, and cattle. It is an accessible watering hole for livestock, as well as a habitat for wild animals. Others may use the lake or pond to hold water for crop or garden irrigation during the dry months.
  6. They are cheaper than therapy: Many pond owners have told us about how therapeutic their ponds are! After a long day of work, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting alongside your pond with a cold drink in hand, feeding the fish, or appreciating the wildlife.

Small lakes or ponds with a fountain will make a useful and fun addition to any property. They benefit the local ecosystem, they provide a relaxing place to gather with family and friends, and they offer practical benefits as well. It is definitely something to consider!