Tips for Maintaining Body Weight to Stay Ideal

Having an ideal body weight is everyone’s dream, unfortunately maintaining an ideal body weight is not an easy matter. Many things are needed, one of which is to maintain food consumption.

Here are foods that you can consume to maintain your ideal body weight!

Cottage Cheese

This cottage cheese is surprisingly good as a low-fat food. Other ingredients found in cottage cheese are protein, casein, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. In addition, this cheese can support muscle mass during sleep. When we sleep, our metabolism slows down and this cheese can be used as fuel to build muscle mass. If you want it easier to maintain your ideal body, you can take leptoconnect. This natural supplement has no side effects, which is certainly safe for consumption.


Potatoes in the form of potatoes are full of nutrients but low in fat and calories. It is rich in phytonutrients, which makes potatoes maintain a healthy body in general.

Eating potatoes can prevent cancer because there is vitamin B6 which is effective against tumor formation. Potatoes are also able to reduce cholesterol levels if not processed by frying. These foods can also reduce the risk of kidney stones because they are rich in magnesium.

Potatoes are the right food to make bones healthier. This is because in potatoes there is also iron and phosphorus and calcium which are good for bones.


Fruits are undoubtedly a low-fat food. Fruit can be a source of vitamins and good for fulfilling nutritional needs that can increase the body’s metabolism. You can choose apples or melons which are rich in fiber. These fruits can be filling and are also low in calories.

Although it is good for consumption, of course it must also be limited in quantity. Especially for fruit with high fat and sugar content.


Vegetables can also be a food choice for a low-fat diet. Vegetables are rich in fiber, fat free, and low in calories so they can last longer and are good for maintaining a balanced body weight. Besides that, it is also a good source of fiber so that it can maintain digestive health. You can replace your old food with vegetables to make your diet better.