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Are you craving some new and rare flavors? If yes, then you should never miss out on visiting a Turkish supermarket in San Francisco where you can find snacks and candies that come from Turkey.

Turkey boasts of an extensive variety of unusual things that you can never find anywhere else in the whole world, particularly when it comes to classics.

Classic candies like the favorites that you can recall way back from your childhood are quite famous among the Turkish. It means that Turkish supermarkets are a great place to search for all the old-fashioned flavors you cannot get anymore.

However, classic candies are only the tip of the iceberg. The country also produces a selection of decadent desserts guaranteed to please even those with the strongest sweet tooth. It doesn’t matter if you are craving fruity and sweet flavors, rich chocolatey snacks, or something with a touch of sourness, here are some of the finest Turkish delights worth the try:

Zweet’s Rainbow Sour Belts

These treats are great to eat and to play with at the same time. Rainbow Sour Belts from Zweet are gummy candies of licorice rope style shaped like long belts. These can be eaten by the inch or you can also eat each bright color one at a time and peel apart the strings so you can indulge in them individually. These are also snappy and nice, letting you break them apart so you can eat them one chunk at a time.

Crazy Extra Bars by Solen

Solen’s Crazy Extra Bars are just so good it is almost too good to be true. It is a certified Turkish classic that you will love the moment you bite on one. Every bar is filled with crispy wafer layers and between these, you will find a sumptuous hazelnut cream filling that adds some subtle rich goodness with a touch of caramel. The bars are also coated in crispy rice and chocolate, making it a wonderful combination of textures.

Albeni Bar by Ulker

One look at the Albeni Bar and you will instantly be reminded of Twix. But these two are completely different. This treat is considered another Turkish classic, mainly because Ulker went out of its way to come up with a top-quality treat. Inside the bars, you will find a cookie of shortbread type with a delicate and light flavor that you will enjoy even without the caramel and chocolate.

Ulker Cokomel Strawberry Marshmallows

There is no other candy similar to Ulker Cokomel Strawberry Marshmallows. The treat is part candy and part cookie and completely delicious. Every pack contains six, which makes them good for sharing. The chocolate coating is the first thing you will notice about this treat. Biting into it gives you a mixture of interesting textures and flavors. A crispy chocolate wafer cookie serves as a base of the treat topped with a deliciously chewy marshmallow in strawberry flavor.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these delish Turkish treats and take a trip down memory lane!

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