People have been advertising their products and services via mailing for decades. Advertising has evolved greatly since then, but companies still use mailers to spread awareness about what they have to offer.

Here are some common types of plastic card mailer services:

Custom Clear Plastic Mailers

This plastic card mailer comes in various sizes and thicknesses, including 2mm-thick clear PVC pouches for retail packaging. The mailer is ideal for small items like logo buttons, candy bars, etc. Clear plastic mailers allow you to showcase your product while protecting it.

Custom Non-Clear Plastic Mailers

These card mailers come in a range of sizes and thicknesses, too, including 4mm, 6mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm thicknesses. The options increase with thickness, so the larger the custom non-clear plastic mailer will be, the thicker it will likely be. This type can also allow you to create pop-up shapes or fold-out boxes depending on how creative you want to get with your message. There is no limit to the kinds of products these mailers can pack.

Custom Poly Mailers

These mailers are made from 100% virgin polyethylene material, perfect for gift wrap because it resists moisture and offers a great clamshell-type fit that will hold the gift in place. It will not tear or rip easily, either. This custom poly mailer is thick enough to protect without adding bulk, so your products will be closely held yet easy to reach. The 4mm-thin type of this kind is ideal for small items like logo buttons, candy bars, and much more.

White Kraft Paper Envelopes

The white kraft paper envelopes are thicker than standard paper envelopes, making them extremely durable. They can be used to store and send various types of products, from gift cards to hardware, so they are extremely versatile. It has a natural grain that makes it ideal for gift-wrapping, because you can create a custom shape by just folding the envelope a certain way.

There are many plastic mailers that businesses can use to ship their products. Plastic mailer services are better options over traditional shipping methods.

By godama