7 Instant Ways to Look Sexy

Sexy and beautiful is a dream for all women. Various ways they do from exercise to strict dieting.

Nowadays, there are easy ways to be able to look sexy in an instant way. Here are 7 Instant Ways to Look Sexy

Use Red clothing

What makes red special? According to a study from the University of Rochester, UK, women who wear red clothing look sexier. This red colour itself can beat other colours such as white, green, grey, and blue.

56 per cent of women who wear red are more likely to date than those who wear blue. Hmm, it looks like it’s worth a try.

Make Eye Contact

The easiest and quickest contact is through the eyes. From the eyes, everyone can show the interesting side that is inside him.

“Women are easiest to make eye contact with, only with the lyrics of a woman looking prettier and sexier than others,” said Professor of Psychology, California State University Dominguez Hills.

Express Yourself

Expressing yourself does have its appeal for everyone. “As men, we are attracted to women who can show an animated side to her. Only through his eyes, voice, and body movements,” said Paul Ekman, a Psychology Professor at the University of California Medical School in San Francisco.

The way is very easy, just move the hands and body only, a woman can give an animated side that looks sexy in the eyes of men.

Standing in the Right Position

When you’re at a party, just standing in a place can be an attraction for a man.

In this case, psychologist Beverly B. Palmer justified it. “We have a lot of attention for a woman who’s just standing at a party, she’s going to look sexier at the moment,” she said.

Dim the Lights

Candlelight is a very romantic thing. The yellow and white light game is an attraction for connoisseurs.

The woman who sits in an elegant dress in the middle of the candlelight has an interesting side to the Adams.

Choose a Refreshing Perfume

Perfume becomes one of the unforgettable objects for every woman. In addition to being refreshing, perfume is also able to provide appeal for the opposite sex.

Use perfume with a fragrance that is not excessive so that it can give a sexy impression of women in the eyes of men.

The point of use of perfume that can attract the attention of men is on the wrist, behind the earlobe, and on the chest.

Show Waist

Sexiness is not just limited when exposing cleavage alone. Showing the waist is a separate way for women to show their sexiness.

“Just by exposing our waists, they kind of make us helpless,” says Martin Lloyd-Elliot, Psychotherapist and author of the book The Secrets of Sexual Body Language. Well, that’s a pretty easy way, isn’t it?

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