Benefits of Using Health Insurance

Prevention is better than cure. This slogan has a point considering health is very expensive, and even irreplaceable. Due to the importance of health, one thing you can do to protect yourself is in the form of health insurance.

What are the benefits of having health insurance? Here are some things you need to know.

1. Room Facilities If You Get Hospitalized

Patients suffering from any disease are entitled to get inpatient care at the partner hospital of the insurance company. Facilities during hospitalization, such as medicine, infusion, food, and laboratory checks, will be provided for patients as health insurance customers.

2. Inpatient Costs Coverage

The insurance company also facilitates customers with outpatient services, where patients are allowed to treat themselves at home during the healing process. Costs incurred, such as costs for calling doctors, consulting fees, laboratory check fees, and medical expenses, will be fully covered by the insurance.

3. Dental Care Cost Coverage

Not all insurance companies provide dental care benefits for customers. The reason is that the insurance costs are quite high, so customers need to pay a higher premium.

The benefits of dental care customers are also very limited. It only covers patching cavities, toothbrushing, and regular consultation.

4. Delivery Cost Coverage

This is a special benefit for pregnant mothers. Customers are required to choose an insurance program that provides these benefits with higher premium fee payments. This benefit is not mandatory. Customers are allowed to choose not to take this benefit, depending on needs. Delivery cost coverage is suitable for those who are expecting to have babies.

Pay Attention to Insurance Claim Mechanisms

After reading the four benefits above, you need to pay attention to the mechanism of submitting insurance claims. There are claims filed with the reimbursement system. There is also a cashless system. Choose the easiest and most effective claim filing system.

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