Businesses for Beginners That Suitable for You to Try

businesses for beginner

It is not easy for a startup businessman to decide which line of business he will run.

Limited experience makes it take a long time to think and set up a business.

Certainly, there will be concerns about whether the business will succeed or fail. It’s natural to fear as long as it doesn’t make it stop before trying. Because business people should have the courage to face the challenges and risks that may occur.

So, for those of you who are planning to open your own business, here are several promising Businesses for Beginner that suitable for you to try

10 Promising Businesses for Beginners

Online store

Online shop or online shop is a modern type of businesses for beginners. You can buy anything from the internet. You can also jump into becoming an online businessman by selling an item that people need.

Sales can be through social media, marketplace websites, and also online shop websites themselves.

Create your brand so that it is easier for you to promote and grow your online business.


Dropship is a type of online business that can be run without capital. Dropship does not need to have stock items. You only need to work with an online store or supplier to become a drop shipper.

Later, you as an extension of the supplier will promote their products online. If someone buys, you just have to ask the supplier to send the goods ordered through you.

You will get a profit if something is sold and no loss if no one buys.

Snack Business

Do you like to snack? Many people eat snacks every day, whether they are relaxing at home, watching television, even while working in the office. Understand it has become a daily necessity.

This is a great opportunity to do business. You can make snacks that are popular with people, such as various chips, cakes, snacks, and others.

Then you can leave it at the shop or market it online. Make sure it tastes good and the packaging is attractive to captivate buyers.

Culinary Business

The culinary business is very promising for Businesses for Beginner to develop it. Because every day many people eat outside the home and like to try new dishes. You can make delicious and different dishes to steal the show.

If you have a large enough capital, you can create a cafe or restaurant that provides a variety of drinks and food.

If capital is limited, you can rent a place at the food court or on the side of the road to sell. Choose a busy location so that your business is in demand and growing fast.

Selling Mobile Accessories

The price of cellphones or cellphones is affordable so that the lower economic class already has a smartphone product. Of course, this makes the level of need for cellphone accessories to increase.

You can try selling cases, batteries, headsets, scratch-resistant screen protectors, power banks, and more. Market online so that your business can reach buyers from all over Indonesia.

Selling Fashion Products

The fashion industry continues to grow. Humans, especially women, are so fond of fashion because they pay attention to physical appearance. The fashion business is still a promising venture for beginners.

You can sell various fashion products, such as t-shirts, shirts, pants, bags, shoes, hats, and others. You can make the product yourself or sell products that are already on the market. Please choose the type of product you want to market.

Business in the Creative Field

For those of you who have talents and expertise in a creative field, you can offer your services. Now is the time of technology, so you can take advantage of the internet and do creative businesses from home.

For example, being a graphic designer, book writer, copywriter, content writer, blogger, web designer, and so on. You can open a business entity such as an agency to make your business more professional.

To start, you can create a blog or create a website, then fill it with quality, informative content for readers.

Develop the blog to be even better so that it can attract the attention of many readers.

After a large number of readers, you can then reap the benefits of the blog by placing advertisements or working with certain brands/companies related to product/service promotion.

That way, you can make it a side business with a seductive and sustainable passive income.

Boarding house

Running a boarding house business is suitable for those of you who have large capital and property in strategic locations.

The boarding house business is very promising in urban areas because many people have migrated to study or work.

You only need to provide a comfortable and safe boarding room so that someone wants to rent it.

Laundry business

For those of you who live in densely populated areas and are close to offices, schools, and campuses, you can try running a laundry business.

This business is profitable, as long as you can guarantee the cleanliness of clothes and good service.


Buying a franchise business or franchise can be an option for those of you who have the capital and don’t want to bother creating a business concept.

Because every franchise already has a clear business and product concept. You just pay for the license and learn the management system.

The chances of success are even greater if you choose a franchise that is well known and opened in a strategic location.

So, those are 10 types of promising businesses for beginner. Please consider it carefully. Hopefully, it can inspire those of you who want to become a businessman.