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There is a long history of this brand. It was first manufactured in 1873. Then it was owned by Philip Morris. In 1902, they opened a branch in New York. This company got registered in 1908. But they started selling cigarettes in 1923. They launched the brand in 1924. The first time, the cigarettes they sell were called America’s luxury cigarettes. These cigarettes were only for hotels and resorts. Then in 1923, they marketed women’s cigarettes known as Mild as May. The red paper near the filter was to conceal the lipstick. At that time filter cigarettes, were less harmful than unfiltered cigarettes. In the 1960’s they introduced another cigarette called Longhorn 100’s. There are many flavors available now in cigarettes. In 1972, people started it considering the best cigarette brand. Since 1972, they are exporting their cigarettes in the whole world with premium quality.


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