Honda X-ADV 2019: Latest Reviews & Specifications

Honda became one of the motorcycle manufacturers which had a great influence on the British economy. Therefore, they as automotive pillars in Europe also always give priority to the quality and quantity of each product they release. There are currently many dealers in the UK offering the latest Honda X-ADV products, one of which is wheels motorcycles leicester. At present, the Honda X-ADV was introduced at EICMA last year in Milan, Italy.

With stretchers that are quite classy specifications make it a product that continues to be sought after by many people. With the capital of a 745cc engine, this motorbike can show how to drive adrenaline for each rider. On the other hand, this motorcycle has also been equipped with a variety of advanced technology. And here is information about the specifications and prices of the latest Honda X-ADV that you can understand.


The price of the Honda X-ADV that is offered is quite expensive, a proof that this one motorbike comes with very impressive specifications. The specification of the 2-cylinder engine that is supported by SOHC technology with the capacity of the liquid cooler also makes this motor more perfect. Moreover, the two-cylinder provision is capable of producing a fairly large amount of energy, which is 40.3 kW at 6,250 rpm rotation and a maximum torque of 68 Nm at 4,750 Rpm.

A series of good technology was given by Honda to this one motor to meet more optimal performance. One of them is Wet Multiplate Hydraulic Dual-clutch (DCT) clutch technology which makes gearshift quite smooth and smooth. As for the transmission itself uses the manual type with 6 levels of acceleration. With the use of 1 liter of fuel, this motorbike can travel a distance of up to 27.5 km so it’s really interesting, isn’t it?

Design & Dimensions

Unlike the several types of Honda motorcycles available, my friend can see the body shape of the Honda X-ADV is very interesting. Which is where every curve of the body has been designed in such a way as to provide such a perfect effect. Then with the high price of the Honda X-ADV offered, this motto is also equipped with a windscreen on the front so that it can protect each driver from the wind. Interestingly the system used is also already electrically so it’s easier to raise & lower it.

Having dimensions of 2,245 mm with a width of 910 mm and a height of 1,375 mm makes this bike very comfortable to use even though the weight it carries is quite heavy at 238 kg. Although the weight it carries is very heavy, but when used this motor has handling that is so light and comfortable to use, it automatically makes it very easy to drive on various fields in front of it.

Even more interesting, this motorbike can present a very good experience while driving. This cannot be denied because of the ground clearance which reaches 162 mm and also the seat height that reaches 820 mm. Meanwhile, to give a different sensation to each rider, this motorbike has also been designed with a wheelbase of 1,590 mm. With all that, both flat terrain or off-road terrain will be very capable of passing through.

Braking System

Not surprisingly, the price of the Honda X-ADV is offered quite expensive and high, the article apart from the design sector that is so slick and the specifications of the Honda X-ADV are so perfect, this motor also turns out to have been equipped with a braking system that is so reliable. Which is, from the data we obtained, it was mentioned that this motorbike was equipped with a dual ABS channel system that was placed on the front and rear.

For the brakes, themselves use a type of disc which for the front side uses a dual-disc measuring 296 mm and for the backside using a single disc measuring 240 mm. So do not be surprised if this motorbike will be very comfortable to drive in various fields. On the other hand for the use of its tires, Honda uses 17-inch front wheels and 120/70 tires, while the rear tires carry 15-inch alloy wheels with 160/60 tires.

Features & Legs

The offered price of the Honda X-ADV which is quite expensive makes this motorbike also supported with a variety of interesting features that you can get when buying it. Of the many, one of the most interesting is the presence of an LCD screen that will be able to display a variety of information tigers such as, the remaining gasoline capacity, the speed used when cycling, to the condition of the lights and others.

In addition to these features, Honda also added some interesting accents to this motorbike. One of them is a suspension system that is so soft and comfortable, which for the front uses a 41 mm diameter Upsidedows suspension with 153 mm travel height. Amazingly the suspension can be arranged according to the tastes of each user.

Even the price of the expensive Honda X-ADV is offered, at the rear is also accompanied by a pro-link suspension that has been equipped with a Rear Shock Preload adjustment. So you can adjust comfort according to your taste. Then there is also a fuel tank that can accommodate a capacity of up to 13.1 liters.