How to Clean Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors must be cleaned regularly to avoid scratches or even warp. However, using a rough cleaning cloth can make lines on the wood floor or even damage the wood. General cleaning by using a dry mop is something that must be done regularly. In addition to that, it is better to clean the floor using warm water or a soft cleaning cloth. Here are some of the best ways to clean hardwood floors, such as Amber Tiles hardwood floors.

1. Fill the bucket with hot water, but not boiled water. Clean thoroughly, mopping the floor should be done every month or when the floor already looks dirty. Hot water is arguably the best way to clean wood floors. If done correctly, it won’t leave a scratch. This method will not damage the coating on the wooden floor because water is a mild and delicate cleaner.

2. Soak and wring a mop. Soak a mop or sponge cloth in hot water and wring it out until it is slightly wet.You can also use a regular mop, but if you want to remove the stain, it is better to use a sponge.

Mops must be wrung properly before use. Stagnant water can become a stain on a wooden floor if it is not cleaned properly. Therefore, the mop must be slightly wet before you use it.

3. Clean the floor thoroughly. Sweep the entire floor, starting from the corner to the outer

You can clean the floor from one side of the room to the other. The only method you should avoid when cleaning is from outside the room to the middle. If you do it, you have to walk on a newly cleaned floor and wait for the floor to dry to get out of the room.

When the mop starts to dry, you may need to soak again and squeeze several times again during the cleaning process.

In addition to using hot water, wood tiles can be cleaned by sweeping the floor regularly. Clean the dust by using a dry mop on the surface of the floor every day to remove dirt.

Even though the wooden floor is somewhat scratch-resistant, excess dirt, hair, and debris can cause scratches. However, scratches will not appear if the wooden floor is cleaned regularly.

In addition to using a dry mop, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush connection.

Do not use an ordinary floor brush. Hard bristles on the brush can damage the surface of the floor.

Sweep in the direction of the wooden floor. Sweeping in the direction of the wooden floor will allow you to lift any dirt that enters between the grooves.

That’s how to take care and clean the wooden floor. Make sure you take good care of your wooden floor, so it still feels comfortable. For those of you who want a tile with good quality, be sure to buy it at Amber Tiles. Amber Tiles provides various types of tiles with motif, texture, and best quality. you can visit the website at