Tips for instilling honesty in children from an early age

Honesty is one of the important values ​​of life to be taught to children as early as possible. Instilling honesty in children by teaching them to speak and behave in honest can be useful for their future lives.

There is a saying that honesty is a currency that applies everywhere. Therefore, it has become an obligation for parents to teach the values ​​of honesty since childhood, because children are easy to absorb the knowledge delivered compared to adults. If you want to know a school that instills character education including honesty, you can enroll children to attend school at St Andrews Dusit. Visit his website at

Here are some tips for instilling honesty in children from an early age.

1. Give an understanding about importance of being honest

Give understanding to children about the importance of being honest and why lying is not good and bad for yourself and others. For example, if we have once lied, then other people will not believe what we say and we will not have friends.

2. Be a good example

If you want to teach honesty to children, then as a parent you must be consistent to always say and behave that reflects honesty. For example, if the child asks about something that we do not understand the answer, then say honestly that you do not know and then invite your child to jointly find the answer.

3. Teach honesty through other people’s stories

In addition to providing a direct understanding of the importance of honesty, you can also teach children honesty through bedtime stories or stories about the consequences of lying and how honesty can bring goodness. That way, your child can slowly understand the importance of honesty easily.

4. Do not immediately give punishment if the child is lying

If the child is caught lying, you should not immediately scold and punish him. It is better if you invite them to tell about the truth. Avoid yelling and using high intonation, because this will only make them increasingly refuse to tell the truth.

5. Instill religious education

Instilling religious education as early as possible is the best way to teach the values ​​of honesty to children. Give them an understanding that whenever and wherever they lie, there is a God who is All-Seeing and will always record all their actions, good or bad. Such understanding has proven to be very effective in teaching children to always be honest.

6. Give the child an understanding that “honesty is good”

Teach children that “honesty is good”. That is, by behaving honestly in everything we do, then it will lead us to a life that is calm, peaceful, and without guilt. In contrast, when we lie then we will always feel restless and anxious.

These are some tips for instilling honesty in children. Hopefully, the tips can help in educating your child to be a person who is honest and has good morals.