To get Manly look, Here Are Tips for Choosing the Right Suit for Your Body!

Suits are clothes that will make someone look more manly. Even though not every event requires you to wear a suit, wearing a suit will make you look different than others. However, many men may not understand how to choose an outfit that fits the body.

A good suit will make the big body look slim, and the small body looks full. The essential thing in choosing a suit is to adjust it to your body size. If you use a suit ordered at Patrick & Co Tailor, you don’t need to worry. They are the best tailor in bangkok who are experienced in making suits.

However, it is better if you know whether the suit you ordered has the right size or not through these tips:

First is the shoulder part

This shoulder part should fit the width of your shoulder to be comfortable to wear. If the shoulder width is too large, it will make you look weird, whereas if it is too short, it will make you uncomfortable using the suit.

Second, the chest

The chest is measured to determine the distance of the top button to the chest. An essential tip to check is that the gap should not be more extensive than one inch of your hand. The suit must also be easy to button; if it is difficult, it means the suit is too small. Measuring the width of the chest is also vital so that the suit you wear does not look saggy or too narrow.

Third, arm length

The most straightforward tips to find out how to get your arm length are when your arms are straightened; your hands are clear and not closed at all. Some models also provide shorter sleeve lengths to highlight the ends of the shirt. However, if it is too short, it will make the arm difficult to move and vice versa.

Fourth, Suit length

This is the most important part of the suit that determines your overall appearance. A long suit will help you look slimmer, while a short suit will make you look tall. However, you have to adjust it to your body shape. The best tips for choosing the right suit length is that it should cover your buttocks.

Last is the number of buttons

The number of buttons also affects the appearance; for you who are thin, we recommend using 2 or 3 buttoned suits to cover the body. Conversely, those who are obese are advised to use a single-breasted suit to give a slim effect for the wearer.

For you who are muscular, you better choose a simple suit so that your muscles can be seen. You are advised to use a suit with 2-3 buttons, but hook one button so that it looks more tidy and smart.